A guide to healthy using technology.

How to get your attention, safety and satisfaction back?


Enrich people by thinking about their relationship to digital technologies, helps them set up their devices and behavior. 


DigiDetox is for those who find themselves losing hours in front of a screen.


Whether you are aware of it or not, our use of digital devices is creating a harmful intrusion into our


Less, but better.

Separate the essential from the irrelevant. 


DigiDetox will give you the tools you need to stop the addiction before it starts. Explains how to overcome these bad habits by using examples from our everyday lives. Whether it be checking your social media notifications or being unable to put down your phone while in company, each example provides a straightforward solution to help reduce technology overuse. 


Author Matej Krejci offers ideas for achieving a state of
digital balance by following a set of simple yet effective strategies in order to re-establish control over an ever-growing stream of notifications, emails, social media posts, text messages, advertisements and alerts.

Matěj Krejčí

We can no longer escape from the online world, we can use it less often and mainly as an effective tool.


What will you learn:

👉 Why people spend so much time using digital technology?

👉 What does current science know about digital-overuse?

👉 What is behavioral addiction and why does it have such a negative effect on us?

👉 How do human habits work in the long term?

👉 How do we find a personal balance, and maintain self control when we use digital devices?

👉 How can we strengthen our willpower?

👉 How can/do we learn new habits and unlearn the bad ones?

👉 How can we organize our time so that we can do more without getting tired?

👉 How to sleep better?

👉 How can we manage our own failures better and how can we overcome the fear of change?


The book is self-publish, but if you would like to be a book publisher, let me know.